Time to start procrastinating on the floors

Today I started off with enthusiasm spreading out some of the cork floor sections to determine the best layout for my floating floor. I was soon confronted by the obstacles I created for myself with the stairway and kitchen counter legs. I think I have a plan that will deal with them, but I see a lot of quality time in front of the table saw in my immediate future.

To procrastinate, I decided to put in a tile entrance way. In wet weather, this will help keep any water that gets past the door away from the cork laminate flooring. Cork itself loves water, but the MDF it’s bonded to certainly doesn’t.


I bought three 16 x 16 inch ceramic tiles and installed them using caulk – more flexible than regular grout. Also, if any of the tiles crack, it should be easier to pry them out and replace them. I finished the tile with some plastic edging that the cork flooring will butt up to. I like these big tiles, maybe I’ll also do the bathroom floor with them.

Tomorrow I’m going hiking, so the cork floor will have to wait…

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