Brooke’s Ladder

With the main loft stairway completed, I started on a ladder for Brooke to reach her loft. Most of the wood ladders I found on the internet were too short or way too expensive for me, so time to DIY it on a budget. I’m happy to report that I built this for under $25 – plus I got the enjoyment of making another useful thing myself.

I used kiln-dried doug fir 2″ x 3″ studs for the rails – straight and strong, they just required a little sanding to get them smooth and presentable looking. I sistered them together with tape to keep everything aligned for drilling the holes for the rungs.


As I picked 1.25″ diameter hardwood dowels for the seven rungs, I had to drill 14 of that that size hole on the inside faces of the rails. To keep all my drilling plumb and to the same depth, I used my drill press and my new favorite tool – a Forstner bit, which cuts cleanly and accurately. My dad helped me keep each rail level while I drilled:


I cut the dowels to 20″ length and dry fit them into the rails. The photo makes the ladder look wider than it is. Tomorrow I’ll glue and screw everything together and we’ll test it out.


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