5 Step Program

My tiny house isn’t big enough for a full 12 step program, so I had to settle for five steps to access the master loft. I’m building a tansu-style stairway with storage shelves, which is basically two big boxes and three smaller boxes stacked together:


This is how far I got today before running out of wood. I’m using pine, 1″ thick stair treads and 2″x 2″s (same as I used for framing the kitchen counter) for the boxes. Each stair is 12.5″ high and 11.5″ deep, steeper than normal but not too bad.

When you get to the top step, you can either transition to hand and knees, or sit down and swing your legs around, to move into the loft. I plan on storing folding chairs, the propane heater and various other crap under the stairs.

Wednesday update: I got more wood and finished the stairs today. I also made two shelves from stair tread left overs and tested out the storage for the Costco folding chairs that will account for about 80% of the furniture! I plan on adding a dowel at the top of the box so it can double as a closet. Hey, am I now compliant with the International Residential Code???


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