Speed Metal

Last week, I asked the sheet metal shop guy from Bruce Mechanical who did my shower  walls to fabricate a stainless steel back splash for the stove wall and a galvanized metal roof for the utility shed. I called today and they were ready, so I picked them up and had them installed by lunch.

The utility shed roof was a sorry collection of plywood remnants left over from sheathing the tiny house. Besides looking crappy, it wasn’t very weatherly. The new metal roof has built in drip edges and a custom flashing that will manage rain runoff  much better and keep the shed dry. Here it is halfway thru installation:


In the kitchen, you can see the stove back splash in the foreground and the IKEA STENSTORP china holder I also put up today by the sink. This will carry a lot of weight in dishes, bowls, etc, so I spent extra time making sure it was securely mounted to the studs behind the cedar paneling.


At the risk of looking even more like an IKEA catalog, here’s a shot of the completed bathroom with the new IKEA scissor-arm mirror, metal sink back splash and stainless steel towel rack.


“How does this IKEA dining set define me as a person?”



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