Second, and hopefully last, Electric Koolaid Plumbing Test

With Stoic fortitude and equanimity I chipped away this past week at the plumbing things-to-be-fixed revealed in the first Plumbing Test. One thing I have learned with plumbing is that it’s hard to torque threaded brass fittings too tight. I often had to resort to using a vise and a 12″ long crescent wrench, not to mention yards of teflon tape.

Armed with advice from my building partner on my next project John W.  I successfully replumbed the connections to the shower mixer valve; tightened the hell out of all the leaky T connections at the water heater; and added an accumulator tank (tip from Chris M.) and 6′ of looped nylon line (tip from Shurflo tech support) to the cold water line between the pump and the water heater, which eliminated the pump cycling. Here’s the final configuration in the utility shed. Note the propane tank serving the water heater and range on a platform above the accumulator tank:


For those contemplating an outside installation of their water heater, here’s a tip for keeping it dry and clean when not in use. I used a nylon bag meant for waterproofing backpacks – the 70 liter size perfectly fits the Eccotemp. I’ll simply remove it when the house is in use. I also took the opportunity to add a longer flue (18″) for the heater – thanks Chris M. for the tip.


So the second pressurized water test was a success. Unless something breaks in use, I think plumbing is done!

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