Now that’s cooking with gas!

My Attwood two-burner propane stove arrived earlier this week, so this morning I cut a big ol’ hole in my kitchen counter to drop it in. Because of the cramped working space, I had to use my crappy saber saw, which took a fairly long time cutting through the oak. I would have preferred plunge cutting it with my circular saw. Anyhow, hole made:


I screwed in the burner element pan and attached the LP gas line (a Camco 12′ line with pressure regulator) that I pulled in from the utility shed where the tank is located:


Next I screwed on the stainless steel top, installed the burner rests and lit it up. I boiled a pot of water in around 4 minutes, cooking with propane is fast! I plan on adding a stainless steel back splash on the wall behind the stove to make clean up easier. Plus it will match the range hood and look pretty cool.


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