The Triumphant Return of Joe The Plumber

While the masses watched the Superbowl, I donned my alter ego for a rebuild of the utility shed. To avoid further dreams of a tiny house fire dancing in my head, I relocated the water heater from inside the shed to outside, where the ventilation will be much better and the operation safer. The heater will be protected by a large overhang once the new roof is on; the propane tank will reside inside the shed in the space formerly occupied by the water heater:


The relocation allowed me to correct a design flaw for the shed doors, which were binding under the previous roof. I was also able to incorporate a few key plumbing enhancements, including a bypass for the tank/pump so I can supply the tiny house water from a garden hose. This hose inlet can be seen on the right (the large brass fixture is a pressure regulator); I also added two valves so I can completely drain the water system during freezing weather or when the tiny house is not occupied.



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