January Showers

I finally struck a big item off my tiny house to-do list: the shower walls. It’s a relief, as I have been putting this off for a while. I was stalled on what material to use? Tile was a non-starter – too heavy and likely to crack during transit. Though I did pick a fiberglass shower pan, I didn’t really like the fiberglass shower enclosures I had researched; they are expensive and outgas like crazy. I wanted something that looked different and cool – so I finally chose stainless steel.

I got a good bid from Bruce Mechanical, a sheet metal contractor in Santa Cruz. Their shop guy Shawn hooked me up with three custom made 24 gauge stainless steel panels which just fit into the back of the CRV for transport home.


The walls with flanges went up first, overlapped by the flat back wall. I used stainless steel pan head screws and silicon caulk to attach the walls to the Hardibacker and studs. My dad helped me hold everything steady while I drilled and screwed. Peeling off the protective film from the sheets took us as long as mounting them, it’s tenacious stuff!


All that remains is a little more caulking and permanently installing the shower valve handle and a shower curtain.  As soon as I get the kitchen faucet installed, I can pressure test all the plumbing and dial-in the water heater. After that, I guess I can start showering in the tiny house!



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