Rainy day activities

Today was a real soak-a-rama, so I spent the day inside the tiny house doing odds’n’ends. I insulated my upper kitchen walls and test fit my new faucet:


As you know I’m a big fan of wool for insulation. However, one area where I’m not using wool is the framing around the wheel wells. Because the cavities are pretty shallow (only 1-2″ deep), the thermal bridging from their sheet metal, and that they will probably be leaky ten years from now, I’m using XPS (extruded polystyrene) foam board. XPS offers very high insulation R-value and is impervious to moisture, but uses lots of noxious petrochemicals to make. I dislike foam on principle, but I hate mold and cold spots even more. At only 10 square feet, I can live with this.


I also worked on a few more custom under-the-trailer drain fittings. Because I have to fit the drain lines around the inconvenient and awkward angles of the trailer tongue, I find using hose (in this case Shields 140 VAC bilge hose) over hard pipe gives me design flexibility, plus it’s easy to angle it to get a proper gradient for the waste water to drain (at least 1/4″ drop per foot of run).


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