For this I spent four years in college???

I couldn’t help but smile at the memory of my mom’s kitchen apron reading “For this I spent four years in college?” as I was laying on the cold, wet ground under the tiny house trailer, my shoulders cramping as I tried maneuvering my kitchen sink drain into place. Actually, I’m having a blast with the manual labor and on-the-fly problem solving. I have no regrets with this new chapter in my life.

Not much to report on the blog over the last few days, as I was sanding and applying (and sanding and applying and sanding and applying) Minwax Polycrylic finish to my kitchen counters. It’s about as interesting as watching the proverbial paint dry, so I didn’t post any updates. In any case, the counters are now finished and the kitchen sink is permanently mounted. Today, I got the drain, P-trap and air admittance valve installed. As you can see, I’m using threaded polyethylene fittings, which are easy to use. The sink passed the water tightness test with flying colors I’m happy to report.


I also did more under-the-trailer plumbing, mating the hose from the infamous bathroom shower drain to the  lav sink and eventually to the kitchen sink and to a common drain pipe that will feed into a holding tank or French drain, depending on the ultimate location of the tiny house.


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