Third Time’s The Charm

That’s usually how it works with me. The kitchen sink was no exception. The first IKEA sink I picked wasn’t going to work out easily because of the mounting system for the built-in drain pan. I got a second sink (an Elkay from Home Depot) that fit, but the mounting brackets weren’t deep enough to work on the 1 1/8″ thick countertop, so I returned that. The third sink (a smaller IKEA BOHOLMEN) proved to fit just right, and the mounting system plays nice with the counter. I even had enough counter scrap left to make a nice back splash for the sink:


One nice feature of this sink is that the faucet mounts on the stainless, not the counter top, saving space. However, this sink requires drilling the faucet holes yourself. IKEA sells a hand tool called the FIXTA that frankly I was skeptical would work – stainless steel is tough to work with, even with power tools. You drill a pilot hole, then screw on a cutting head on either side and use a socket wrench to torque your way  through the steel:


Bob’s your uncle!


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