Back to building

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had as restful a holiday break as I did. We even got in a little snow time at Tahoe. Now I’m recharged and ready to build!


Although the bathroom still has a few things that need completing, I really wanted to get started on the galley/kitchen. I had already scouted out online the HAMMARP solid beech kitchen counter and BOLHOLMEN stainless steel sink I planned on getting from IKEA today, but I had to turn around in Scotts Valley due to an accident that closed Hwy 17.

No worries, I started on the framework for the counter instead. I’m using prime pine 2 x 2s I found at Home Depot, in fact the truest, best wood I’ve ever encountered there:


I had to use all three of my levels and two speed squares trying to get it all plumb, level and square. Instead of traditional cabinetry, I’m going flexible/Spartan by leaving it all open underneath, so I can fit in ice chest/fridge, the Yeti, sacks o’ potatoes, or whatever else I please. My aunt Patty offered to make me some curtains, but instead maybe I’ll ask for her to make some concealing skirts to hang down from the counter.

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