Sometimes you just gotta vent

Everyone else was running errands today, so I seized the opportunity to punch a big hole in the side of the tiny house to fit a vent for the galley range hood fan. Two byproducts of propane combustion are carbon monoxide and water vapor, both things you want to vent out of any house.

I got the hood and vent from an RV distributor in Indiana – most RV electrical is 12V DC, perfect for tiny house applications. View from the outside:


After roughing out the hole, I caulked and screwed the vent into place. Here’s what it looks like from the inside:


I screwed the stainless steel hood into two blocks (offcuts salvaged from my reclaimed front door!) suspended from the loft beams. I tested out the hood fan, it’s plenty powerful and will do a good job while we slave away in the galley.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just gotta vent

  1. Oooh, this is a really cool and compact range hood. Care to share exactly where you got this? Indiana seems to a be a hotbed for RV distributors and dealersand I couldn’t find


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