Not all sunny days

Sometimes it rains. The winter storm blast we had Sunday finally pushed me to fix my design shortcoming by roofing over the sundeck. The problem was during heavy rain, accumulated water would drip down through the boards of the flat sundeck onto the main deck by the front door. The dripping resulted in splatter that hit the front door and was getting past the door threshold into the tiny house.

My temporary tarp solution wasn’t doing the job, and got blown off completely on Sunday. Time to act, especially with an El Nino winter predicted! Brooke had lobbied hard for me to add the sundeck during the design phase and was bummed to learn I was roofing it over, but she understood the reasons why and is being a good sport about it.

I decided to use a corrugated roofing product called Suntop, which despite being plastic seems quite rugged and wind resistant. I drove by Home Depot to buy a 12′ long piece, plus the extra wood and special fasteners I’d need. So the grooves would be oriented downwards, I cut the big piece into four smaller pieces using a circular saw and screwed them into supporting purlins (2 x 4’s I ripped down to a 1/12 slope, emulating the roof line of the tiny house). In theory all water coming off the roofs will drain past the main deck, reducing the splatter and leaving the doorway dry. We’ll soon see!





2 thoughts on “Not all sunny days

  1. This looks great, really clean. But I hate to say it you will get water leakage where the Suntop meets the house. Take it from someone who has made the mistake once already, and just last spring had to take it down and do it right 😦 You will need install this as well, and with a piece of metal flashing on top. I can send/post a video (40s) of my installation if you are interested. Just let me know.


    1. Thanks for the flashing suggestion, I’d like to see your video for reference. Normally I would flash, but there wasn’t any clearance below the loft windows to install it. Where the Suntop meets the wall is pretty well protected by the roof overhang, so in the recent rains we’ve had, there was minimal water getting past. When the rain gets horizontal, I’ll likely have a problem with leakage, but I’m going to hope for the best. So far it’s a big improvement over the sundeck. I guess El Nino will decide!


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