Musings from the Water Closet

After a nice break seeing family and eating way too much poultry for Thanksgiving, I got back to work on the water closet. That included mating the rough plumbing for the lavatory sink with the 1.5″ polyethylene drain that came with my IKEA sink and an Oatey AAV (an air admittance valve that I’m using instead of a through-the-roof vent). That’s the tall white pipe in the photo below.

I also finished most of three bathroom walls using 1/4″ cedar tongue-and-groove boards, over wool insulation and a PE vapor barrier. The cedar walls smell really great!


After I got the walls into place, I moved the Nature’s Head toilet and the IKEA sink in to verify their placement wasn’t too crowded. Considering it’s a 32″ wide by 96″ long space, the ergonomics are good and it doesn’t fell too crowded. Here’s what it looks like from the shower stall:


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