Plumbed elegance

That’s the goal at least. I finished connecting the water tank, pump and water heater in the front “utility shed.” If anyone is interested, the tank is a Norwesco, the pump a Shurflo Revolution 3008 3GPM, and the propane waterheater an EccoTemp L10:


Next comes the internal supply-side plumbing for the kitchen and bath sinks and the shower. As I may have already mentioned, I’m using 1/2″ PEX tubing and Sharkbite connectors. The cold and hot water from the shed side is distributed by their respective manifolds to the various fixtures. The photo below was taken before I installed the shower valve (shown loose at the top of the photo) and the line up to the shower head, both of which I completed today.


I just received my 12V power supply in the mail and successfully tested that it works on the bathroom fan. The next major test is to hook it up to the water pump (which draws 7.5 amps, so needs a burly power supply)and pressure test all the plumbing above. Before I can do that, I need to assemble my IKEA bathroom sink and hook up the drain, so the test water has a place to go!

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