Licensed ‘N’ Legal!

License to Ill, as the Beastie Boys would say

After putting it off for 6 months (that’s how long I’ve been at this), I finally got my trailer registered at the DMV and am now legal to roam the roads hauling the tiny house! If only I had a truck!

The lack thereof was also a bit of a challenge as DMV requires you to bring the trailer with you during registration so they can verify the VIN. Fortunately, they have a process for a peace officer to verify it remotely and fill out a form, which I did in advance through the SCPD.

All my paperwork was in order and I was stunned to be in and out of the DMV with a license plate in-hand in merely 20 minutes!!! What is even more amazing is that my “property tax” for the next five years is only $106. Now, this is tiny house living!

One thought on “Licensed ‘N’ Legal!

  1. Thanks for this tip. I’ll have to do this in the new year for my trailer. I managed to get it the bare trailer from Boulder Creek all the way to Santa Clara with no hitches…er, problems. But I imagine when I do move it, a cop seeing this tiny house on wheels might just want to pull me over to learn more about it and give me a ticket for no registration! I’m building it right near the police station too so not a good idea to procrastinate.


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