Floors or Ceilings???

Are they loft floors or great room ceilings? Whatever they are, they have to look good from above and below, so I took great care in selecting the wood (tongue and groove douglas fir) and sanding and finishing it. The main loft is 8′ x 6’8″ and Brooke’s loft is 3’6″ x 6’8″, so all told, there’s about 75 square feet of surface. I cut the 20′ doug fir boards into lengths making sure any knots or defects would be covered by beams, then stained them using Bioshield, a natural non-VOC coating that gives a satin, white-washed appearance:


Next came nailing the boards into place on the loft beams using an 18 gauge pneumatic nailer:


I’m happy with how they came out, the white color makes the amber beams pop. I’ll likely finish the top surface of loft floors with Bioshield near the end of the build as I think they will get pretty thrashed while doing the insulation, walls, ceilings, etc.


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