Oh, sweet deck o’ mine

I’m sure no one who has nearly fallen off or through the “temporary” scrap plywood deck gracing the trailer until today will miss it – having done both, I certainly won’t. I replaced it this afternoon with the oft-promised and now finally delivered redwood deck. This is only the first story, you can see the metal post bases for the 4×4 posts that will form an overhang/top sun deck for Brooke’s loft.

Con heart redwood finished with Behr stain lookin' mighty fine
Con heart redwood finished with Behr stain lookin’ mighty fine

Deck update: Today I finished almost all of the overhang/loft sundeck. All that remains is screwing in the railing around the edge. I’m happy with how it came out – the Behr deck stain I used really accentuates the redwood.




I must have jinxed myself after my last post about falling off the temporary plywood deck because yesterday I slipped off the footstool that I was standing on top of on the new lower deck, bouncing off the deck and onto the driveway. I’m OK though and am taking plenty of vitamins I and B (ibuprofen and beer) to recover.

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