Let’s get paintin’

Despite being almost paralyzed by the seemingly unlimited choices in paint colors, I finally made a decision on painting the tiny house. Susan and I braved the Labor Day crowds at Home Depot, picked our color combos, and got our paint mixed. I was really excited about starting off painting Tuesday AM…only to discover Home Depot mixed us interior paint! Arrggghh. So off to Home Depot first thing today to get exterior paint. They were really nice about crediting me and making things right.

With the current heat wave we’re experiencing, you have to paint early in the AM before it gets too hot or the paint finish is ruined. I managed to get one long side done before noon, my dad helping me paint the horizontal bead lines and joints with a brush and me following with the roller. The main body color is called “zen,” a sort of mellow teal. The plywood top panels will  be “dragonfly” a darker green for contrast. I still have some corner and doorframe trim to install – it and the window trim will be “desert springs,” a light tan.

“Zen” body color – apt, as you go into a zen-boredom zone while painting!
More zen and painting accessories
More zen and painting accessories

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