Side siding finished

Today I finished putting the T1-11 siding on the upper portions of the two long sides. When working alone, I took advantage of the fact there’s no roof yet by lifting the siding panels up into the loft and then on to the rafters, then lowering then down and clamping them in place, climbing back down and nailing them from below on a ladder. All that remains to be done on the siding is the top of the front and back walls, then trimming the edges and window frames.

Two sides...
Two sides…
...of the same coin.
…of the same coin.

Hopefully these will be the last pictures you’ll see without a roof. I hired a roofing company to install the roof deck and a Durolast membrane roof – they’re scheduled for Friday. I originally planned on doing the roof myself, but I figure with the potential for disaster from wind and leaks pretty high on an amateur-installed roof, it’s better to go with professionals. Let’s hope so!

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