More siding work

I’ve managed to make some modest progress on the siding, squeezing work time between sending our oldest daughter off to college and other family commitments. One of the things I enjoy about working on the tiny house is that it helps distract me from otherwise bittersweet or sad events. It has become a refuge in more than just a physical sense.

As I mentioned in my last posting, I had to make a decision on how to clad the upper part of the long side walls. For cost and ruggedness reasons, I decided against cedar shingle panels instead opting for T1-11, an exterior plywood sheet that comes with decorative grooves and lapped edges. My building instructor always teased “T1-11 can be found on the finer low-end apartment buildings and mobile homes,” but well finished it presents a nice rustic texture. I’m planning on staining it a redwood color to match the to-be-built redwood deck and overhang, though I’m going to experiment with other stain and paint options.

My five sheets of T1-11 came in 4×8 foot sheets which I cut into 4×4 sections and then primed the backs and edges. With my dad’s and daughter’s help, I lifted these up onto the sides and traced the 1-in-12 roofline on the backside and then cut each panel to fit.

Cutting the ridge board notch in the third T1-11 panel
Cutting the ridge board notch in the third T1-11 panel

I mounted each panel oriented with the grooves vertical to provide contrast with the horizontal siding below it. I manually nailed the panels with 2 1/2″ stainless steel ring shank siding nails – the heads on these nails are larger than the 16 gauge nail gun fasteners and provide more holding power. Three panels down, seven more to go.

Good bye free Tyvek advertising
Good bye free Tyvek advertising

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