Back to work

Our Hawaiian vacation gave me a nice mental break from building and a chance for my hands to recover – my carpal tunnel symptoms are largely gone I’m happy to report. Now refreshed, it’s time to go back to work.

I’m about 2/3 done creating a ventilated rain screen by placing redwood lath strips over the Tyvek wrap at all the stud locations. This creates a 1/4″ drainage and ventilation space behind the final exterior siding that will be attached on top of the lath:

Lath strips for drainage
Lath strips for drainage

To keep termites and other buggahs from nesting behind of the siding, you add window screen at the bottom and top edges.

Bugs need not apply for housing
Bugs need not apply for housing

The drainage and ventilation help reduce the likelihood of moisture buildup and extend the life of the siding, but like a lot of the work that goes into building a house, it’s all invisible from the outside once it’s finished.

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