Closing in on closing up

Brooke and I managed to finish all the wall sheathing by Friday – hooray, just the roof is left till we are closed in!  I took the weekend off as my hands and arms are starting to get numb at night and upon waking. I suspect I might have a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, and have a doctors appt. Tuesday to get a referral for physical therapy to treat it.

Also suspecting I’ll be told to stop hammering for a while, I wanted to finish a task today requiring a lot of hammering, applying 40 feet of Simpson Strongtie CS14 metal strapping around the perimeter of the tiny house. The strapping provides additional shear strength and helps transfer wind forces through the entire structure when towing.

A strapping lad
A strapping lad
I feel like Thor with this framing hammer!
I feel like Thor with this framing hammer!

Each 20′ roll of strapping weighs around 10 pounds (it’s made from thick 14 gauge steel) and had to be held up about 5 feet while nailing it in using many 3″ nails. Brooke helped with this, and when she got tired, I used a ladder and clamps to support it. While it was pretty tiring work, my hands don’t feel too bad tonight as I used regular hammers and not the really heavy pneumatic nail gun, which I think is the biggest offender. I’m going to concentrate on flashing the wheels wells and wall bottoms in preparation for the Tyvek wrap in the next few days, so my hands should be getting a rest from pounding.

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