Rafters rule

That’s what my instructor always said in building class. Given the roof will have to face a hurricane every time it moves down the highway, I’m heeding his advise and nailing it twice.

Over the last few days, Brooke and I finished the last loft wall and remounted the center roof beam, which wasn’t quite square as we found out while cutting test rafters. Sharped eyed regular followers of this blog (all two of you – thanks Merediths!) will note I removed the Swiss cheese holed rim joist to allow the rafters to overhang the front and back sides of the house. A deviation from the plans but a more conventional way of building eaves. I’ll cut up the rim joist and use the vent hole portions between the rafters, little will go to waste.

Two rafters down, 16 to go.
Two rafters down, 16 to go.

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