I’m running off to join Cirque Du Soleil

…based on all my ladder time today, I should be a shoo-in for their aerial act. My dad came over to help me raise and attach the big ridge beam crowning the peak of the the loft walls. I had previously sistered (glued and nailed) two 2x6s together so the beam was ready to go when he arrived. I’m using Eco-Bond heavy duty construction adhesive, which is low-VOC and very easy to work with.

Mmmm- gooey center
Mmmm- gooey center
Clamped 'n' nailed
Clamped ‘n’ nailed

Unlike most tiny houses that have long-axis roof beams, the Linden/Lindenstein has a shorter beam that is perpendicular to the long axis. Getting the beam up was easy enough, and I blocked it so it wouldn’t slide off and land on our heads.

Don't fall on me
Don’t fall on me

What made things tricky was that the long loft walls were unsupported at one end resulting in a martini glass-like flare at the top, requiring the nylon ratchet to squeeze the sides more into alignment (this time I didn’t stab myself in the thumb removing it, I’m no dummy). I spent a lot of time climbing ladders, measuring each side for square and plumb, re-climbing ladders, re-measuring etc. until I was OK with it. I attached the beam using Simpson H8 hurricane straps, which fortunately can be screwed in place instead of nailed, which would have knocked everything out of alignment. Even still, it was sort of nerve-racking predrilling and screwing the straps13 feet off the ground. Good practice for the coming roof work! Those big open spaces on either side of the ridge beam will be filled by 18 2×6 rafters and covered with plywood soon enough.


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