The new name for my tiny house? My trying to optimize the interior space and reduce the complexity of the Tumbleweed Linden plans combined with some hard lobbying by Brooke for a larger loft and a sundeck has resulted in this Frankenstein-like mutation of the original plans:

Change order anyone?
Change order anyone?

Basically, I took the large full width dormer at the tongue end of the trailer that attracted me to the Linden plans in the first place and mirrored it for the deck side. Besides creating a ton more usable headroom for the smaller loft, it made the build somewhat easier as the loft sidewalls are the same and eliminated the complex, too small gable dormer. It also created the opportunity to make a sundeck of the porch overhang, though I’m still working out the best, safest way to access it.

I was able to frame the sidewalls in two days and today with the help of my uncle Pat and cousin Meredith and Brooke we were able to lift them up to the loft and erect them. Not my best carpentry work, put with a little finessing with the planer and some whacks with the hammer, we got ‘er done. It really is starting to look like a house – House of Lindenstein!

Considerably more brain power than brawn
Considerably more brain power than brawn
Nail and repeat
Nail and repeat

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