Beam me up Scotty

I got the sleeping loft beams up today, but not without challenge. The first beam went on fine but by the third beam, it was clear from the beams not ending on the same parallel line that the right side wall was no longer plumb. Maybe it was the result of pulling off the tarps I rigged for the recent rain or maybe the wind load with the tarps on – whatever the case, I needed to get back to plumb.

After pondering the best approach I could muster single-handed, I backed out the lag screws on the right side of beams two and three and used a ratchet tie-down strap to squeeze the right wall toward the left until it was plumb. I then re-screwed in those beams plus two more to complete the loft framing, more or less square and plumb.

Tug of war
Tug of war
Lotsa beams
Lotsa beams

My happiness at having figured out a solution was short-lived as I stabbed myself in the thumb with a screw driver trying to loosen the ratchet (really painful) and then putting Liquid Bandaid on the wound (really REALLY painful). Well, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

The plans call for flooring the loft now, but I think I’ll hold off till after the roof framing is done, too easy for it to get thrashed. I’ll just throw up some plywood as a temporary floor/scaffold. Tomorrow, I’ll plane and mount two more beams for the storage loft and with the help of my dad or some other innocent bystander, lift the other 18 foot 2 x 4 up to complete the loft framing.

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