Loft layout & Festool fun

I got in almost a full day working on the loft level, so felt very productive. There are two lofts actually, a main 8′ sleeping loft  above the galley/head, and a smaller 3′ storage loft above the front door. I’m still trying to figure out how I can make that one big enough for Brooke to sleep in without causing the main room feel too claustrophobic. I might do some sort of sliding shelf or fold out, we’ll see.

The lofts sit on a bunch of 4 x 4 beams held in place ladder-style by an 18 foot long 2 x 4 placed on edge on each of the long side walls. I attached the first two beams on each end wall, which because the thickness of their top plates weren’t nailable, so I used monstrous 6″ lag screws.

Monster screws
Monster screws

I spent the rest of the day adding rustic texture to the beams that will be visible using the Festool planer. After a little more time watching Youtube videos and practicing, I got my technique down pretty well. I’m happy with the results, and as a bonus, my forearms are now bigger than Popeye’s from 4 hours of planing. I’ll play around with some stains and finishes so they don’t look like plain ol’ doug fir after I get the roof up and the box fully enclosed

Not visible -  10 cubic feet of wood shavings
Not visible – 10 cubic feet of wood shavings
The Desired Effect
The Desired Effect

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