First wall raised!

Well, most of the first wall. I decided to tackle one of the more complex walls in the plans, the windward or trailer tongue side. It has double bottom and top plates, an interior wall partition, a window and double end studs anchored to the threaded rods in the trailer. I think I spent as much time on laying out the plates as I did actually nailing them together! I was fortunate to frame in the shade inside the garage, but even with a fan blowing, it was hot today. At least I smell like a construction worker for a legitimate reason.

In order to have enough space to fasten the ten screws for each anchor into the end studs, I had to leave out a few adjacent studs and cripples for the kitchen window, which I’ll add in tomorrow. The Simpson Strong-Tie anchors provide a rock solid connection to the trailer, impressively sturdy. When it came time to raise the wall, my dad helped me lift it onto the trailer and held it steady while I plumbed and temporarily braced it. Very exciting and satisfying to start to this phase of the project.

Got wood?
Got wood?
I wuz framed!
I wuz framed!
Not. Budging. Ever.
Not. Budging. Ever.

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