Nuttin’ beats mutton

…especially when it comes to insulation. We got to a fun stage of the tiny house project today – insulating the sub floor. In the spirit of green building, I’m insulating with renewable, low-embodied energy, non-petrochemical based sheep’s wool. It’s a treat to work with: soft, warm and odor free. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t let my dad or daughter help me insulate if we were using fiberglass or spray foam.

Wool is naturally mold, moisture and fire resistant, and has an r-value of around four, comparable to fiberglass and extruded foam board. I bought mine from a relatively new company named Havelock Wool (, whose president personally delivered my 13 bags from their factory in Reno in his pickup truck. The wool comes from New Zealand, but they’re working on sourcing from the US (apparently, there aren’t enough sheep here yet). After fluffing and spreading out the wool, we nailed down the plywood sub floor we pre-cut with 16d nails into the wood perimeter edges – I’ll finish the job tomorrow by screwing into the joists in the field with self-drilling sheet metal screws.

Tomorrow is also going to be a big day because San Lorenzo Lumber will be delivering a truckload of framing lumber. It’s time to start building vertically!

325 pounds of warm fuzzies
325 pounds of warm fuzzies


It's SO soft!
It’s SO soft!

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