Floor plan and systems

People when they see the trailer generally ask what the floor plan will be. Rather than the ambiguous hand gestures I give in person, I’ve posted a picture of what I’m building towards below. A little different from the standard Linden plans in that the bathroom will be a few feet longer to accommodate a lavatory sink and that I’m moving the front door to the left of the house instead of centered, to allow more room for furniture in the rather ironically named Big Room.

Another departure from the standard Linden plan is that I’m not going to build the small gable dormer window on the roof – this will make space for the solar panels that will supply the electricity for the house. Since we won’t be grid-tied, the necessary batteries and charge controller will go under a built-in bench on the front porch  All lights and appliances like the fridge and ventilation fans/air exchanger will be 12V, so I won’t need an inverter. I’ll use propane for the tankless water heater, stove, and a room heater. On the “outbound” side of the register, I’ll collect grey water into a discharge tank or french drain as I outlined in a previous post, and a Nature’s Head composting toilet (http://natureshead.net/) for dealing with the unmentionable stuff. I’ve talked to several owners of the Nature’s Head, who all say it is easy to use and quite odor free. After the trailer, this is the second most expensive thing I’ve purchased so far, so I sure hope it works OK.


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