Time to start buildin’

Welcome to the construction project blog for mi casita verde sobre ruedas – my little green house on wheels.

Because I don’t have much money to invest nor the patience for the endless permits and BS inherent in traditional housing construction, I’ve decided to make my first project a trailer-based tiny home. I also want to apply many of the building science and passive house principles I’m currently learning about, so I will build it as green as possible with an eye towards healthy building materials and minimized energy and water usage. Ergo, little green house on wheels.

My first thought was to design it from scratch, but after attending a Tumbleweed Tiny Houses DIY seminar, I choose their Linden 20′ plan (http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/linden/) because I liked the unusually spacious dormer loft arrangement and wanted the reassurance of a proven design, at least for my first project.

I also placed an order one of their trailers, which after hearing zip about for the last month, I just found out will be delivered this Saturday! First order of business will be building out and insulating the sub floor. Time to score some plywood and 2 x 4s.

As I make progress, I will start posting pictures of the build process. For those interested, thanks for accompanying me on this journey. Capture

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